Saturday, February 7, 2009

Boeing B737NG Computer Based Training Program


Boeing B737NG Computer Based Training Program

American Flight Training

Version: 1.00

Release: 5/10/2000

Developed by: Flight Training Program Development

This program is used by Astraeus Airlines, Continental Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Pan Am Flight Academy, Embry Riddle University, Asia Air, Endorsement Training Australia, Aeris Airlines, Ryan Airlines, Ohio University, and many more.

CBT PROGRAM: Provides complete interactive 737 pilot training to prepare for an Oral Exam or to review for a PC on the the B737.

The CDROMs include: EFIS modules; Non-EFIS differences modules; and New Generation Differences modules.

The approximate time of this program is 40 hours. This program uses interactive objects to demonstrate the system operation, and is the highest level of CBT.

The systems are described through narration and the user is allowed to freely move switches and view the affect on the Freeplay system diagrams.

The Menu system allows the user to jump to the desired portion of the program at any time


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