Saturday, February 7, 2009

ITVV Martinair Boeing MD11


Join the crew for a pre-flight briefing at Amsterdam before departure from Schipol's runway 19L. In the cockpit, the Captain explains the whole departure as he is actually flying it. Once settled in the cruise at 37,000 feet, you'll find out about complex systems such as the FCP (Flight Control Panel), FMA (Flight Mode Annunciator), FMC (Flight Management Computer), FMS (Flight Management System), Climb Thrust and Pitch, Pilot Selection Mode versus FMS Mode, NAV Mode, PFD (Primary Flight Display), PLI (Pitch Limit Indicator) and FPA (Flight Path Angle).

Then follow the aircrew in the descent and approach to Palma de Mallorca using runway 24L. The return trip covers more systems in detail and a descent with an 'autoland' back at Schipol. Hear the Air Traffic Control for the flights and follow the checklists as you discover this state of the art aircraft. 7 cameras and multiple on-screen views give you a very privileged perspective - from the flightdeck!

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