Monday, May 11, 2009

Oxford ATPL Gas Turbine Engines [Tutorial]

Oxford ATPL Gas Turbine Engines (Windows) [Tutorial] | 450 MB
Covers the complete EASA/JAA ATPL Powerplant syllabus

Oxford ATPL Gas Turbine Engines (£61.95) - This computer based training course in Gas Turbines teaches the subject of gas turbine engines up to and beyond the standard required by the EASA/JAA Air Transport Pilot's Licence (ATPL) syllabus. Gas Turbines together with its companion CD-ROM, Aircraft Piston Engines covers the complete EASA/JAA ATPL Powerplant syllabus. The two CD-ROMs together contain over 500 ATPL-style questions and answers on the subject, Powerplant.

This Gas Turbines course also covers all EASA/JAA objectives for the ATPL helicopter gas turbine syllabus, except for those pertaining specifically to helicopter engine intakes.

Though Gas Turbines is meant primarily for student professional pilots, it will also be valuable to student aircraft engineers and technicians as a high-quality introduction to the subject of Gas Turbines. General Aviation pilots who wish to learn more about aircraft systems should also find much to interest them here.

The course includes many examples using 3D and 2D graphics, animations and photographs, enabling the students to learn more effectively than ever before. In-depth lessons, written with the technical and teaching expertise of Oxford Aviation Training's world-renowned ground instructors. The lessons are narrated in clear English throughout and are supported by textual key points.

Lesson include:
* Compressors
* Combustion chambers
* Turbine Assembly
* Reverse Thrust
* Fuel Systems
* Performance
* Engine Instrumentation
* Propellers

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