Monday, May 11, 2009

Oxford ATPL Aircraft Piston Engines (Windows) [Tutorial]


Oxford ATPL Aircraft Piston Engines (Windows) [Tutorial] | 400 MB
Covers JAA ATPL Syllabus

Oxford ATPL Aircraft Piston Engines (£61.95) - Whether you are a student professional pilot needing to prepare for ground examinations, or a general aviation pilot wishing to learn more about how your engine operates, OATmedia's brand new interactive multimedia CD-ROM, on Aircraft Piston Engines, is for you.

If you are a student professional pilot, Aircraft Piston Engines will teach you Piston Engine theory, up to the standard required for the Air Transport Pilot's Licence theoretical knowledge examination.

The CD-ROM also includes JAA ATPL style tests which give you the maximum possible assistance in preparing for the written examination. If you are a general aviation pilot, Aircraft Piston Engines will teach you every aspect of your engine's operation far beyond the level of the PPL examination. It will also teach you how to manage your engine in order to get optimal engine performance, in the air.

3-D and 2-D graphics, animations and photographs giving you a much clearer idea of exactly what happens inside the piston engine than is possible using standard text books and teaching methods.

Fully interactive lessons, narrated in clear, precise English and supported by text, highlighting the main teaching points.
Multiple choice JAA ATPL questions with which you can interactively test yourself.

Topics include: Ignition systems, Fuel systems, Carburation, Cooling, Propellors, Power Augmentation, Diesel engines, and much more.

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