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TAI as a prime contractor was awarded a contract in June 21st, 2007 by SSM (Undersecreteriat for Defense Industries) to design, develop and implement the T-38 avionics upgrade for the Turkish Air Force (TuAF) under the T-38 Avionics Modernization (ARI) Program.

The T-38 Modernization (ARI) Program will extend the utilization of the T-38 aircraft well into the mid of 21st century upgraded with more reliable and modern avionics and subsystems.

Under the T-38 Avionics Modernization (ARI) Program which commenced in September 20th, 2007; total of 55 TuAF T-38A aircraft are to be upgraded. The program has two phases namely the Prototype and Serial Production. During the Prototype Phase, the modification of five aircraft will be performed at TAI facilities. The remaining 50 production aircraft will be modified at TuAF 1st Air Supply and Maintenance Center as part of Serial Production Phase.

According to the contract with Undersecretariat of Defense Industries, for the required Group-A and Group-B Kits, training and technical data package will be provided by TUSAŞ for serial production phase. Besides, TUSAŞ will also be responsible for long term integrated logistics support

Under ARI program, the avionics, that are standard in the T-38 trainers, will be replaced with state-of-the-art digital technology. TAI is responsible for upgrading T-38 aircraft with the following systems/equipment as well as providing long lasting logistics support.

There will be 13 new systems integrated to the aircraft. These are;

* Head Up Display (HUD),
* Multifunction Color Display (MFCD),
* Digital Video Data recorder / Data transfer system (DVDR/DTS),
* Hands on throttle and stick(HOTAS),
* Intercommunication system(ICS),
* V/UHF Communication System
* Engine Flight Instrument(EFI),
* Cockpit TV System(CTVS),
* Avionic Activation Panel (AAP),
* Common Control Computer Panel (CCC)

Central Control Computer, embedded with Operational Flight Program (OFP) and NDBS (No Drop Bomb Scoring System) will be designed, developed and qualified by national capabilities.

During the program, Mission Planning and Ground Station (MPGS) and De-brief Software will be developed.

Besides of new avionics systems integration, there will be electrical power distribution system modification, TRU (Transformer Rectifier Unit) and battery integration, development in air conditioning and pitot static system modification.


* Ejection Seat change,
* Simulator development
* Computer based education system will be provided to Turkish Air Force.

In the scope of the modernization project; besides of providing technical upgrades human machine interface will be considered as well. The modernization will be determined with user friendly, safe and maintable environments approved by human machine interface analysts.

The program is planned to be accomplished within 69 months with 39 months of it being worked in TUSAŞ:

There will be local subcontractors in the program.

In the project, the system/flight safety and airworthiness compliance activities will be performed by an authority constituted by Airworthiness Compliance Committee and Sub working groups of Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) and Turkish Air Force representatives.
The first flight of the upgraded T-38 is scheduled for September 2009.


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