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National Air Traffic Controllers Association Links


ATC Simulators

  1. ATC Simulators
    1. NASA Smart Skies ATC Simulator for Students
    2. AEROSOFT ATCsimulator2 - The Official Site
    3. ATC Interactive: Air Traffic Control Radar Simulation
    4. ATC-SIM: a web-based air traffic control simulator
    5. AVSIM
    6. Comprehensive Dynamic Air Traffic System Simulation
    7. The International Virtual Aviation Organization 
    8. Micro Nav Air Traffic ControlL Simulation Systems
    9. Simulated Air Traffic Controllers Organization SATCO
    10. Wesson Int. - Tracon II
    11. Xavius Free Air Traffic Control Centre Simulator

    Books and Manuals

    1. Online Books & Manuals
      1. FAA Air Traffic Publications Library
      2. Embry Riddle Virtual Library
      3. The Future of Air Traffic Control: Human Operators and Automation
      4. The Pressures of PATCO: Strikes and Stress in the 1980s". An Essay by Rebecca Pels
      5. Slam and Jam By William Langewiesche  
    2. Novels and Books For Sale
      1. Five Miles And A Thousand Feet(Book for Sale by Controllers)
      2. TRACON:When technology goes too far...                

      FAA Publications

      1. FAA Publications
        1. 7110.65
        2. Airman's Information Manual (AIM)
        3. Facility Operations and Admin
        4. Location Identifiers
        5. NOTAMS

      Educational Sites

      1. Aviation Related Educational Institutions
        1. University of Alaska Anchorage Aviation Technology Division
        2. Andrews University, Program of Aviation Flight
        3. Auburn University, Aviation Management and Logistics
        4. Community College of Beaver County PA Aviation Programs
        5. Cranfield University College of Aeronautics
        6. Daniel Webster College
        7. Dowling College School of Aviation and Transportation
        8. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Campus
        9. Florida Institute of Technology
        10. Hampton University Department of Aviation
        11. University of Illinois-Willard Airport, Institute of Aviation
        12. Inter-American University of Puerto Rico
        13. Inter-American University of Puerto Rico Barranquitas Campus
        14. Middle Tennessee State University Aerospace Department
        15. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory
        16. MIT's Information and Control Engineering Laboratory (The ICE Lab)
        17. Minneapolis Community and Technical College/Minnesota ATC Training Center
        18. University of Minnesota Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics ATC Research
        19. Mt San Antonio College
        20. Ohio State University Aviation
        21. Parks College, St. Louis University
        22. Purdue University
        23. Singapore Aviation Academy
        24. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Aviation Programs
        25. St Cloud State University Aviation Home Page
        26. Thomas Edison State College Trenton, NJ
        27. Western Michigan University, School of Aviation Sciences


      Controller's Sites

      1. Services By Or For Controllers
        1. The Union Shop
        2. The Apparel Shop
        3. European Air Traffic Controllers' Mailing List
        4. StuckMic Online Forum for controllers
        5. Air Traffic Control Webring
        6. The United Kingdom Air Traffic Controllers Travel Section
        7. ATC Alumni
        8. Aire Traffic, Music By Controllers
        9. PC Perspectives, Scott Siegle, Fayetteville, Georgia
        10. Vector Shirts  

      2. Controller Web Sites  
        1. Kevin Sherwood (ZLA)
        2. Dan Alexander(Tucson, Arizona)
        3. Dave Whitaker (Minneapolis Center)  
        4. Dale Wright, Charlotte ATCT (KCLT)  
        5. Brian Greenwald 
        6. Rick Farrell's STRESSED-OUT AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS Bar And Grill (Miami ARTCC) 
        7. Mike Gawley (Honolulu, Hawaii)
        8. Kathy (Oakland Tower) and Troy (Oakland ARTCC)
        9. Greg Kardong (MWH) 
        10. Bud McCall (Former USAF - South Carolina) 
        11. Janice Kushner (Baltimore, MD)
        12. Julio A. Maldonado, (Patric AFB) 
        13. Rodney Taylor (Orlando, Florida) 
        14. Silver Connection (Doug Laughter, ZLC)  
        15. Dantcho Atanassov (Sofia Tower, Bulgaria) 
        16. Edward Kolodnyi (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) 
        17. Konstantinos Patouras (LGGG, Athens, Greece)
        18. Feras Sallam CASABLANCA , MOROCCO
        19. Patrick Smith (Former USMC Staff Sergeant)  
        20. Allan D. Storm (DOD Iwakuni, Japan)
        21. Brent Laird (USAF Andersen AFB, Guam) 
        22. Chris Tripp (Brisbane Austrailia)
        23. David Carmona (Barcelona Spain) 
        24. Andy Hutchings (Newcastle, UK) 
        25. Stefan Geese (Duesseldorf ACC Germany)

        FAA Sites

        FAA Web Sites

        FAA Regional Sites 

        NATCA Engineers 

        1. NATCA Alaska Region Engineers
        2. NATCA Central Region Engineers
        3. NATCA Eastern Region Engineers
        4. NATCA Great Lakes Region Engineers
        5. NATCA New England Region Engineers
        6. NATCA Northwest Mountain Region Engineers
        7. NATCA Southern Region Engineers
        8. NATCA Southwest Region Engineers
        9. NATCA Western Pacific Region Engineers
        10. NATCA Region X

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