Saturday, February 7, 2009

ITVV GO B737-300 video

ITVV GO B737-300 video

Commencing at London Stansted airport on a brand new aircraft this programme will show you how one of the mainstays of airliner travel is flown and operated on a busy short-haul route across Europe. You'll not only get the best seat on the aircraft, but an extensive tour of the flightdeck and systems such as EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System), engine instruments, auto-thrust system and MCP (Mode Control Panel) amongst many others.

Of particular note, you'll get a very detailed look and explanation of the system pages of the FMC (Flight Management Computer) which includes: Progress, Climb, Cruise, Descent, Legs, Approach, Reference, Route, Direct Intercept, Departures/Arrivals and the Hold Pages.

Not only will you see virtually every aspect of the flight from both inside and out, including a pre-flight walk round, but you'll also hear relevant Air Traffic Control for the flights. You can even follow the crew checklists as you discover the features of the B737-300 from the privileged position of the flightdeck!

only VHS rip, bud good quality. Cca 700 MB

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