Sunday, February 8, 2009

Flying on One Engine, The Bloomberg Book of Master Market Economists

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Title: Flying on One Engine: The Bloomberg Book of Master Market Economists 2005-09
Author: Thomas R. Keene
Publisher: Bloomberg Press
Publication Date: 2005-09-22
Number Of Pages: 264

The analytical insights of the world's premier market economists move billions of dollars daily. Here, chief economists at leading firms deliver bold perspectives on today's financial markets - and tomorrow's - including gobalization and trade, commodity prices, currencies, corporate profits, deficits, fiscal and monetary policies, the future of the dollar and the euro, and the economic and political outlook for Asia and Europe. This book offers a window into the methods, insights, and predictions of Wall Street's top market economists. These sixteen contributors combine a command of academic research, rigorous analytical methods for making sense of market data, and decades of intuiting, quantifying, and verifying the complexities that connect today's real-time indicators to tomorrow's real-world events. Their expert views combine to shape a body of understanding that can help market watchers and market makers reach wise, timely investment and strategic decisions.


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