Friday, February 20, 2009

Flight Simulator X Add-on: PMDG 747-400 X

3D Studio Max 747-400 & 747-400F Models - Accurately modeled down to the smallest detail complete with high resolution textures and three different engine variants 
Airplane Animations - Hundreds of animated parts on the exterior model bring the 747-400 to life, with realistic gear, flap and slat movement, all passenger and cargo doors operable (with corresponding indications in the ~censored~) and all control surfaces moving like their real-world counterparts 
New FSX Features - the exterior model features new lighting, shine and bump map technology, as well as smooth non-segmented wing flex created with vertex animation as well as visual fuel dump and engine fire effects 
Dynamic Virtual ~censored~ - Accurate within inches of the real flight deck, complete with photo-real textures, animated switches and knobs and beautiful night lighting 
New FSX Feature - Internal VC lighting now also visible during the day time 
Virtual Cabin - In addition to the virtual ~censored~, a section of the passenger cabin is represented for a virtual visit 

Panel Perspectives - You can now start flying the 747 from the First Officer's perspective and work your way up to the familiar Captain's perspective; the main panel perspectives provide large display space to provide clear views of the primary CRT or optional LCD displays with all necessary information for flight 
Complete Avionics - Sharp vector graphic ~censored~ displays matching their real world counterparts, all EICAS functions and lower displays working interactively with the aircraft's systems, and also displaying three engine variants (RR, GE, PW) 
Aircraft / ~censored~ Systems - Functionality at the highest accuracy, programmed after engineering schematics to ensure everything behaves like on the real plane; 747-400F specific pneumatics systems are correctly modeled and the stabilizer tanks have been remove 

Additional Features 
Failures Module - Set failures at random intervals or target specific systems with variable and progressive damage factors 
Sound Set - Recorded from the real flight deck, the sounds are complete from the three different variants of powerful jet engines to the fire warning bells 
Operating Manual - 350+ pages including operating procedures, limitations and more 
Free Add-on Liveries - Dozens of colorful airline liveries will be made available for download upon product release 

System req. 
Mininimum - 3GHz or multi-core processor, 1GB RAM, WinXP SP2/Vista 
Best Performance - Dual or Quad Core Processor, 2GB RAM, 512MB Gfx Card, WinXP SP2 
MS FSX with Service Pack 1 (or later) installed



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