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Aircraft Landing System PRMG-76U/PRMG-5


Aircraft Landing System PRMG-76U/PRMG-5

Airport Landing System Radio Beacon

Ground equipment of PRMG-76U / PRMG-5 instrumental landing system of decimetric range is intended to provide approach and landing for an aircraft, equipped with airborne navigation system RSBN-2S or its modifications, around-the-clock under ICAO CAT I-II / CAT I, respectively, in manual, semiautomatic and automatic mode.


  • Automatic Redundancy backup
  • Local and remote control of radio beacons
  • Automatic switch to stand-by circuit in a case of main circuit failure
  • Continuous tolerance testing
  • Remote check and control
  • High reliability
  • The systems can be used at a field and temporary airdromes.
  • PRMG-76U is recommended to use at stationary airdrome in remote control mode made from control tower. It provides landing under ICAO CAT II conditions if transmitting antennas and check point masts are installed on the foundation.
  • High mobility, small time of deployment, and universal autonomous power supply make PRMG-5 indispensable when there is the need of frequent moving from one airdrome to another. 
  • Glide-path radio beacon (GP)
  • Localizer (LLZ)
  • DME repeater station (DR), collocated with LLZ in control room of distance-measuring localizer beacon (DME / LLZ)
  • Telecontrol & telesignalling equipment (TC-TS)


Localizer (LLZ)

Antenna system, elements in array2010
Range, not less 45km 
Coverage zone, horizontal plane ±15° 
Coverage zone, vertical plane 0.85°-7° 
Frequency range 905.1 - 932.4 MHz 
Frequency stability ± 0.005 %
Number of channels 40 
Established limits of directional sector 3° - 6° 
Deviation from established on-course plane position
at the beginning of runway, not more - for LLZ Cat I
 ± 10.5 m
 - for LLZ Cat II
  ± 7.5 m 
 Glide-path radio beacon (GP)  
Antenna system
 "Zero area" 
Range, not less
 18 км 
Coverage zone, horizontal plane
 ± 8° 
Coverage zone, vertical plane
 0.3 - 1.75 
Frequency range 939.6 - 966.9 MHz 
Frequency stability
 ± 0.005 % 
Number of channels 40 
Established limits of glide slope angle
 2° - 4° 
Deviation from established glide-path plane position, not more
 ± 0.075 
 DME Repeater  
Antenna system4-element array
Range, not less
45 km 50 km
Coverage zone, horizontal / vertical plane
as for LLZ
Frequency range / Frequency stability / Number of channelsas for GP
Limits of ZERO POINT setting from DME repeater location0 - 5 km 
Distance calculation error by aircraft, not more250 m
Overall Dimensions  
LLZ (GP) operating room, mm 4,2 x 2,42 x 2,8 4,36x2,05x2,24
LLZ (GP) cabinet, mm 1,60 x 0,93 x 0,68 1,23x0,60x0,51
Electric power station, mm 1,40 x 1,43 x 1,64 2,63x1,72x1,84
Operating Conditions  
Temperature-50 to +50°C 
Wind Loadup to 50 m/s 
Relative humidityup to 98% at +35°C 
Power Supply  
Circuit, three- phase380V, 50Hz
Autonomous (petrol electric power station) / Accumulators220В, 50MHz /+24V 
Consumed power, not more
~ Total, including life support facilities, per each beacon, not more 
~ Basic LLZ / GP equipment, not more
2,5 kVA
600 / 270 VA


MTBF of each radio beacon, not less 3 500 hrs

Aircraft Landing System PRMG-76U/PRMG-5|Airport Radio Beaco

Source:AT Electronic and Communication International Ltd

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