Saturday, January 24, 2009

National Geographic: Situation Critical: Downed Pilot

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On Friday June 2, 1995, Captain Scott O'Grady is patrolling a NATO no-fly zone over Bosnia when his F-16 aircraft bursts into flames after being hit by a Bosnian Serb missile. The fighterpilot ejects from his disintegrating plane and parachutes to earth, landing deep in hostile territory. With armed militia hot on his heels, O'Grady dives into the undergrowth. Moments later his pursuers pass five feet from his head. For six days, O'Grady evades capture, moving only by night, desperately trying to establish radio contact with his comrades. On the sixth night, apilot from O'Grady's air base finally hears his radio call, setting into motion a daring, daylight rescue mission by US Marines.


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